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Re: [IP] Bent Needles Help!

 I,m having alot of problens with  bent canulas...The six mm and the 9mm both 
bend,,for three days now ive been battling this and running high,,I never 
know if the next is going to bend inside or not...So i,m giving them all 
time---hours..to find out..I use my stomach area,,I have been a dia. for 39 
yrs. and pumping for a month and a half..
 Ok...on the bent  metal needles...Do they hurt inside??? do you have to be 
more careful??How do you know hoe to insert..Meaning hoe do you know how much 
to angle it??shallower?/deeper??
 How do the sils work as far as bending canulas??
 i have scar tissue..yes but i stay clear of that area--to no avail..
 any advice here??cde and doc are not handy on weekends and minimed says keep 
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