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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V6 #148

My 9 year old daughter started on the MM508 in January.  She was dx September 
2001.  Her average BG according to her meter went from 165 (pre-pump) to 220. 
 Is this common when just starting pump therapy?  In fact, this past week has 
been extremely difficult as her meal bolus seems to last only 60-90 minutes 
and then she starts to go up.  We adjusted her Basel and as of yet it doesn't 
seem to help.  She was on approx. 24 units of humalog a day and this past 
week has jumped to 36 units and she is still high.  I thought that it might 
be her insulin that is causing the problem however, she has had two BGs in 
the 60's while on this cartridge.  I am searching for help and of course 
support.  I am sending her most recent BG records to her clinic on Monday.  I 
have also noticed before this most recent change that she becomes insulin 
resistant at night for approx. 3-5 hours.  Is this common?  We love the 
convenience of the pump but am concerned that her A1c will soar if she does 
not have better control.  In response to the quick set. She started on this 
until we had several very high BGs which were caused by bent cannulas. Also, 
we had problems with the reconnection and later we found out our clinic had 
experienced problems with the reconnection too.  We changed to the silhouette 
set and use the sil-serter for insertions and have had no problems.  MM was 
great they exchanged all our supplies and provided a few extra along the way. 
 In response to the upgrade I have been informed by MM that in April a 
training class will offered and upgrades will be available at that time.  I 
also purchased a gluco-watch from Cygnus out of England and it works.  
However, my daughter is to sensitive to the device and she cannot wear it.  I 
thought I would pass this bit of information on.  The best news is that it 
works and the technology will only be improved upon.  Our cost for the watch, 
patches, analyzer with shipping was $1,100 US.  I think for adults and some 
children it could be great. Ann
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