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[IP] Question re set change

For those of you who change your set every 48 hours, do you throw away all 
the unused insulin?  We have the resevoir filled to 200 units per our 
instructions, but in 48 hours Gabe will probably use about 60 units.  That is 
a shame to throw all that insulin and the resevoir away and waste it.  What 
is the "official" point of view on this?

This is assuming our site makes it for 48 hours...we can always hope; the 
pump has been up and running for about 6 hours; before dinner 119, one hour 
after dinner 112, and three hours after dinner 77 and four hours after dinner 
79.  I corrected the 79, of course, because the morning UL is still working 
for close to 24 hours and the basals are turned on to .3 for now (Minimed 
told us .3 is the minimum to make the pump work correctly).  It is so 
pleasant not to have to poke Gabe with needles...I need a special prayer for 
"set safety".


(thinking ahead 48 hours)
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