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[IP] Re: mInimed customer service

In my opinion the customer service depends on who you 
talk with at the pump company.  In October, actually 
October 30th to be exact, my minimed 508 decided to no 
deliver that morning, I thought I had figured out the 
problem my self and got the pump working again.  Well 
later on that same day. Like 3 in the afternoon it did 
it again. This time i called customer service, i went 
through all the checks with the person on the phone and 
the pump seemed to correct itself. I was also 
reprimanded by the person on the phone for not calling 
about the earlier problem. About 15 minutes later, the 
pump did the same thing.  So i called  minimed again.  
We tried the same steps but were unable to get it to 
work.  Minimed told me they would have a pump to my 
house by 10:30 the next morning.
  I called my endo's office to see what she wanted me to 
do. She wanted me on NPH. Well i blew her off and did 
small injections of H throughout the night. At 9:30 am 
the next morning I had a referbished blue minimed 508 in 
my hands.  and a box and Envelope to send my broken pump 
back in.  
  I got a call in January or someone did that my pump 
was fixed and i had to let them know if i wanted to swap 
pumps.  I decided why bother switching back. I also 
recieved a letter stating if i did not call them back 
this pump would become my pump by default. 
  Last night I called to order my 3 months worth of 
supplies.  My last order was placed a week before the 
sil serter came out.   I was told that i would get one 
with my next order of sils.  The girl on the phone told 
me that since i had been using the sils for so long and 
not having problems i could not get one.   Well i hung 
up the phone and was annoyed.   
  So i called back and explained to them, that if god 
forbid i were ever to hurt my hand, the reason i use the 
sil instead of the soft sets is due to a thumb injury", 
i did not feel my mom would be capable of inserting a 
sil without a serter.  That woman said we are back 
ordered here, but let me put you on hold and check with 
clinical.  Well the woman from clincal came on the phone 
and  quess what i am getting a Sil Serter for Free.  
Sometimes it is just who you talk too. 
    Wendy, Curley blue,MM508, MOe, the meter, larry the 
lancer. together we are the 4 stooges.  
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