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Re: [IP] "Do it to me one more time"


I have only been pumping a month (today), and I have only disconnected twice. 
 Both times, I was surprised at how much I had to "prime" to get the flow of 
insulin going again.

I do not disconnect for a shower.  I put the pump in a plastic baggie, and 
then I put the baggie in a plastic grocery bag and tie it (gently), and leave 
the  bag hanging in the shower.  It works great for me.  I doubt you could do 
this with 24 inch tubing tho.

I am using Tegaderm (with a hole cut in it for insertion) then I put the IV 
3000 down and then the other tape that is included.  I find that I am having 
problems removing the tape after 2 days.  It sticks so well.  (I also use IV 
prep first).

I hope everything works out for you and Gabe.  Please try to get some sleep.

Dx Type 1: June 1983
pumping since 2/01/02
MM 508
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