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Re: [IP] Vent! et al...

Jenny.....wouldn't it be nice if ALL docs were required to have up to date 
info for their specialty field.  I always thought that, like RNs in most 
states, that cecs were required (continuous education credits) each year.  
Well apparently that is NOT the case for MDs....go figure!!! But it should 
be.  And if a doctor or his/her office is not  up to snuff on the latest 
technologies, including computer programs, then they should be held 
accountable by the patients.  It's best to let them know up front that you 
expect them to stay on top of their field or you will leave!!!!  I know I 
would, especially where my son's health is concerned!  Firtunately we have 
THE WORLD'S BEST ENDO who isn't afraid to ask ME for information!!!!!  Isn't 
that right, Kerri!!!!!!!??!!

mom to Joshua
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