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[IP] Re: loaner pumps and repair

> 1)  They will give me a replacement pump while they try to determine how
> to fix the problem and then return my pump to me or
> 2)  they will give me a 508 model that has been reconditioned and I can
> keep it permanently.
> Has anyone chosen option 2?  My pump is still under warranty till Sept
> next year.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
> Marilyn

Hmmmmmm - this is the first I've heard they will trade you an upgrade for a
repair. I'd certainly go for the newer model, even though it will be
refurbished. I have kept the refurbished pumps when I was using the 506 (2x
in 6 yrs) and once with my 507C. They cannot issue another brand-new pump,
but *I* think you're getting a pretty good deal out of this. Of course, some
*have* to have their original pump back. It doesn't matter to me as long as
I have a working pump.

As far as the person calling in 8 wks and getting the pump back with no
repair, MM *always* tells the customer it takes about 12 weeks before the
return. I have told them I'll keep the loaner, but they still have called me
when mine was finished to see if I wanted it back. No. I was happy with the
replacement. I wonder if the 8 weeks time was too pushy so they sent it back
unrepaired? YMMV (~_^)

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