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[IP] Re: Low basals and thin people

I have just started reading IP again (and I missed it!!!) and I am seeing
lots of comments about "Marion and Gabe" and "children and low basal

I have pumped for two years, using about 14-19 units, total, per day--yes,
low basals---but I dilute the Humalog with sterile diluent, available free
from Lilly. This gives you .05 basals with ANY pump, or .025 if you wish.  I
can't say enough good things about diluting---it allows for "tiny dosing" if
you happen to need it!!! Very few adults need it but lots of children
do---but few doctors suggest it or even seem to know about it---and it is

I am also happily very thin which means I must "pinch my skin" to insert a
Micro. Without pinching, I, too, would, and did, get No Deliveries easily.

And to Marion and Gabe,  99% of the possible "battle" with getting used to
the pump is attitudinal. A hugely positive attitude about the whole pumping
experience really helps.  ANYTHING new takes time.  I was miserable for the
first month but it makes me laugh now.  Best wishes.

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