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[IP] Vent! et al...

I "ran away" (thanks Monty) from a couple of 'Endo's.

One when he said he didn't think the pump was a good thing (EEEEEEEK!) and
the other when he said he didn't want to see a computer printout of my BG
levels. I told him I'm running a Mac with the Virtual PC with multiple
'Windoze' programs for primarily my web pages, and the glucose meter
software -currently "only" for 'Windoze' platforms PLEASE, GUYS, Change
this!- and that's the way I do my logging of all this garbage.

"I don't care, I want to see a written log book." He said.
"Doesn't it still tell you what the BGs are and straight from the meter,
wouldn't you trust it?" (I questioned his comprehension)
"No, I'm not into all that technology stuff, except for the pump." (He did
like the pump)....

I said 'Bye-Bye, Yoooze!' and fled from there!

Despite my $$ being short, I'll pay out of pocket to go see Peggy and Mayeda
for my 'betes. They take my meter and download it, or I bring my log
printout in and they actually LIKE technology! They use the lates software
for pumps, MM CGMS and Animas. Winglucofacts, In Touch, and others.

Jenny Sutherland
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