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Re:[IP] Animas Pump noises

> Question for any of you Animas pump users............Does your pump rattle
> when shaken?  I noticed my pump started to rattle the last time I changed my
> cartridge.  Animas is telling me that it is the lead screw and it is supposed
> to make that "clicking" sound.  I never noticed it before and I've had my pump
> since November.  It sounds like something is loose on the inside..  Any
> ideas?
> Allen

Yes, mine rattles a little.  Well, I would not really call it a rattle.  I don't
know what the sound is, but turning the pump over and back, it sounds like
something is shifting slightly.  I can hear it (only barely) when I run up or
down stairs sometimes--or jumping up and down.  This is my second pump; the first
was replaced when the "new" software was released about a year ago.  My original
pump did not rattle.  But, this new one works flawlessly, so I haven't been
concerned.  I mean I have beat the crap out of mine, and the sound hasn't changed
since I had it (so it may or may not be something different than what yours is

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