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[IP] traveling supplies

Just returned from St. Thomas USVI and had no trouble with any security 
issues.  Had a letter from the PR director from Delta saying what I needed to 
do which was to have a prescription for the insulin on the bottle and that 
was all.  I decided to also carry with me a letter from my physician.  I had 
printed the information needed from the IP site several months ago.  My 
Physician's office mgr. was delighted to have the wonderful printout to 
follow and "fill in the blanks."  They have stored it in their computer for 
further use for the DM pts.  Thanks IP'ers.
As it turned out, when I got to security, I showed my pump before going thru 
and told them I just wanted them to know ahead of time what I had.
Went thru, beeped and they "wanded" me.  No problems with any luggage or 
carry ons.  I was however, happy to be prepared for any problems, especially 
since I was traveling alone.  Of course, ALWAYS carry at least 2 x's the pump 
supplies you think you will need.  Never know when you might have to use more 
than one infusion set each set change.  
It was a great trip except I missed my "sweetie."  For what it's worth.
Jackie P
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