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[IP] Animas pump noises

There is a "rattle" noise in the Animas pump even when the cartridge is in
(although to me it sounds like a very tiny clicking noise) but it only makes
this noise when you shake the pump up an down, etc..  I got my first Animas
pump in Dec. 2000 and it did not have this noise you are talking about.  Then
in April of 2001 Animas sent me a brand new pump that had the "updated
software" in it which would make the .05 basal available.  Then next day when
running up and down the basement stairs doing laundry I noticed my something
was "clicking" (very, very softly - but noticeable to just me) everytime I ran
up and down the steps. (Never when walking - just when going up and down).   I
always keep my pump in my pants pocket and finally figured out the noise I was
hearing was from my pump.  (I have VERY senstive ears - no one else in my
family could hear it at all).  I finally figured out when the pump is in the
"upright" position it does make a tiny "click" or "rattle" (whatever you want
to call it) every time you  would Jump up and down, run up and down steps,
etc.  I wrote back into this site and other people who had the new
software/new pump said theirs did also.  The original pump did not make this
noise.  I called Animas and was told it was because there was just a little
"extra space" or something like that in the screw on the new pumps.  It is
supposed to be that way.  My pump has always worked fine.  If I would not have
had the first pump that didn't make this noise I would have never noticed it -
I was just paranoid comparing every noise in my new pump to the original pump.
When there is not a cartridge in the pump and if would shake it up and down
you can hearing the screw moving from top to bottom.  Then when you insert the
cartridge you are to "tap" the top of the pump to get the screw down to the
cartridge.  This is supposed to save on "priming" time, especially if you are
someone who does not fill the cartridge full each time.  I do fill my
cartridge completely full each time and the initial prime does not take long
at all to get the insulin flowing out of the pump.  If you don't "tap" the top
of the pump and insert the new cartridge with the pump lying sideways, etc.
and wouldn't have a full cartridge, you would just have to push "prime" longer
to get the screw to travel down to where the cartridge had been filled to -
the pump would work just the same - you would just use more battery power
waiting for the screw to "catch up" to the not completely filled cartridge.
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