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[IP] Driving and Lows - long

I had two scarey incidents. Back in Vegas I used to mentor a young man - I had picked him up from his house and we were driving to Excaliber - started feeling funny on the freeway - but in this section there was major construction - no shoulder and no exits  - so I headed for the next one (which luckily was mine - but it wouldn't have mattered - I wanted OFF that freeway) - whipped into Excaliber - valet parked - and then checked - I was down into the low 40's. This was more scarey becuase I had SOMEONE ELSES child in my truck. Yikes. Since I always have glucose - my SOP now would be to grab the glucose if I couldn't pull over that minute - so that it's already working as I safely pull off.

The other bad  one was when we were moving out here. Outside of Gallop,NM - a bad one hit me one morning (we had only had the continental breakfast supplied by the hotel and were planning on stopping mid-morning) and suddanly I felt like I was out of my body - but I had a semi in front of me (between my hubby in the rental truck & me) and a line of semis in the left hand lane next to me - so he couldn't see that I would be pulling over - so had to hold it together till I could get in left lane - pass semi infront of me - pass hubby - then whip back over and onto the shoulder - not good. This was exactly my fear on making the drive - but that was the only bad incident. And I was checking constantly on the drive - but this one just caught me at a wierd time. Course later that day I also had a great big rebound and highs to slightly blurry vision stage. sigh.

But I certainly do know the importance of checking often.

Linda & Dax
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