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Re: [IP] Disetronic H-Tron plus or any other D pumps


  Josh is on the Dis H-Tron and we LOVE his pump.  It is very kid friendly, 
easy for him to use (he is 9 now!)  We have NO cracks in our pump after 1.5 
years.  But he rarely wears it in water anyway, unless it is a water fight of 
some sort in the summer.

  Josh has only gotten one low cartridge warning.  I know about when he is 
going to run out (actually his insulin needs have dropped dramatically here 
lately so he can now go 8-9 days on one cartridge!) and I will generally 
change out the cartridge with 10-15 units left!  I do not want him to run out 
at school, and since I mix insulins I will go ahead a waste that last little 

mom to Joshua
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