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Re: [IP] Re: Kidney Problems

i went to the er last night
remember i told you i had that weird pain? well last night it went away but 
my kidneys started to hurt like hell so i called joel at work and said you 
have to come home and take me to the docs cuz i think my kidneys are in 
well while we were waiting at the er for 5 hours, the pain went away. they 
made me pee in a cup and did like a million tests on me. there was no 
infection, they said theta may be because i take toby!! there were no 
ketones, and it didnt seem like it could be my diabetes. he came to the 
conclusion it may be a lung infection - i really doubt it or pregnancy. so i 
had a pregnancy test before i left.  he said if th test was + he would call 
today .
well sorry everyone. there is no baby here YET!
well have a good night! 
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