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[IP] RE: Lancet Devices

After trying the Freestyle lancet (very hard to get enough blood on arms or 
legs for us), we're now using the Bayer Microlet Vacculance with our One 
Touch Ultra meter.  You have to buy it seperately (about $25), but it has 
adjustable depth and the fact that it "sucks" the blood to the surface makes 
it the only one that works for my daughter (we also tried the At Last meter & 
lancet all in one -- which worked well, but my daughter didn't really like it 
-- too bulky and ugly for her <g!>).  

No matter what we've tried, It IS harder to get blood samples on the arms and 
legs than the fingers (especially since you can't "milk" them like you can a 
finger), but it does help if you rub the site briskly until your skin feels 
warmish before using any of the lancets . . . 8 times out of 10 we're able to 
get an adequate sample fairly quickly with the Vacculance.  Sometimes though, 
we just can't get any blood out of her arm or leg and we fall back on finger 
pokes using our old Softclix lancet  (but it sure is nice to not always be 
poking fingers).

If you're interested in getting the Microlet Vacculance, here's one on-line 
site where I know you can get one: <A 
HREF="http://www.diabeticpromotions.com/">Diabetic Promotions - Discount 
Diabetic Supplies - Complete Online Catalog.</A> 

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