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After our long battle with insurance and then some little battles with the 
sub-contractor we had to order through, "we" are now pumping!!

My daughter, Kirsten, 9, who was dx'd on 3/22/95 began on insulin in her pump 
on 3/28/01!  We had a long week in Denver (3+ hours away) going back and 
forth to the docs office, but we are home now and all is going GREAT!  My 
husband and I also each took a turn wearing a pump with saline... a good 
experience for both of us!  Our 11 year old has even asked to wear it for a 
day so she can see what it's like... didn't think she'd ever go there!!  The 
6 year old has NO interest!

We, of course, are still playing with basals and we've even had some meal 
boluses that seemed to "correct" also... but all in all, she is healthy and 
happy and is already loving the additional freedom it is giving her!

The CDE gave her a new Freestyle, so testing so often is no big deal - the 
novelty of the new less painful poker hasn't worn off so when we tell her we 
have to test again... she's right there poking faster than we can get the 
meter ready!

Happy pumping!!

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