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Re: [IP] retinopathy

          First of all....don't laugh off the fact that your daughter could 
be getting to "that time of the month"! My daughter's only 9 and has already 
started that. I don't know what would be worse, being like your daughter and 
getting angry at me or like my daughter and just pathetically weeping all the 
time.  :o(   
         OK, the second thing.... NOT to scare you BUT... In 1999, June to be 
exact, I had gone to the eye doctor with my daughter to have an exam done.  
She did well and didn't need a change in her glasses prescription. Then, it 
was my turn and the doctor told me that I had the beginning of retinopathy 
but that he did not see a need at that time to do anything about it except 
keep an eye on it. So, stupid me didn't think to ask any questions, so I went 
home clueless to what he really meant. Then, in August 2000, I woke up one 
morning and thought "Gee, everything looks kinda foggy" and didn't think 
anything of it until the next day when I woke up, tripped over the dog, 
walked into a wall and couldn't see myself in the mirror! I was TERRIFIED! I 
called the opthamologist immediately and told them I couldn't see anything 
except blurry lights and shadows. I went in right away and they directed me 
to the closest retina specialist. To make a long story short, I ended up with 
5 surgeries so far and still need a few more.  So my advice to you is to find 
another eye doctor and go to them every 3 months for a check so that IF 
something changes, you are not caught off guard.
I hope it all works out for you.
All my best, 

dx 10-01-81 (Florida) type 1
Awaiting the arrival of 'Skippy'...
My new MM 508... also awaiting
the release of the new Paradigm!!!
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