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Re: [IP] What do you do with a low?

Susan, G-MA to Cory-  have you ever tried Smarties Candies?  Those little 
rolls of small sweet tart like candies.  There is 15 candies in each roll, 
they are hard but not hard at the same time.  Sort of hard to describe.  The 
rolls usually come in a bag, very popular at Halloween time.  I use these on 
Joshua when I test him in the night and he is low.  I just whisper in his ear 
, he opens his mouth, I pop in 3 at a time wait for him to chew and when done 
I thank him, kiss him and he won't remember a thing in the morning!!  Our 
edno loves these because they are a great fast sugar and yet Josh never goes 
really high after a roll, so I'm figuring they are just right.  I'm reading 
on the big bag that there is 25G of carb in 1 oz yet it also says that there 
are about 16 servings per container.  Now, I'm not sure if this 'container' 
is the big bag or the individual roll, but I know there are alot more than 16 
rolls in this 1 pound bag.  I just know that I have been using these for 
about 2 years and have never had to chase a high afterwards.

  For you  Canadians...these are not the MM-like chocolate Smartie candies 
you guys have up there.  But what is REALLY confusing to me, considering that 
is the name of your MMs is that THESE Smarties are MADE in Canada by CE DE 
Candy Company LTD for CE DE Candy, Inc in Union NJ

Just weird...Anyway, I like these and so does Josh, simple to chew, even when 

mom to Joshua
Poulsbo, WA
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