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: [IP] Re: What are pump trainers suppose to teach

Disney Kitty writes:,

  I am still very new to the pump, and still just as confused.  What are the
pump trainers suppose to teach us?  I help a gal get on a MM pump right after
i did, and i am shocked to learn that they are sending this trainer to house,
to teach her so much,  At present she knows as much as I do.  So if anyone
could tell me what i should expect from the trainer.  (Which I am not going
to get).  Also going to endro this week coming, tired of being my Doc's
guiniea pig.  His first person on pump, and he does not know the pump.  How

Lost & Scared.
- ----------------------------------------------------------
If your doc does not hve lots of experience with pumps, MM has a cadre of pump
trainers, many of them Diabetic CDE's and RN's or LD, CDE's to teach you carb
counting, and to make sure you know what to do after 4 highs on the pump,
stuff like that. It is part of the cost of selling a pump and they do a great
job. Animas and Disatronic also provide the same service. The pump trainers
are really very good and have more knowledge about diabetes than the average
doc. Especially those who have diabetes and are themselves pumpers. These
pumpers are also good at preaching to get you into a local pump club.you might
find that your endo who was not a pump exprt will be quite good at it after a
few months of converting those of us who were mdi to pumping. spot.
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