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Re: [IP] What do you do with a low?

<<THINK. The chewing and swallowing in anybody with a low may be compromised.
Juice is easier as a drink than having to use "Chisel Teeth" to grind one of
those tablets down.>>
Cory used to always use tabs for his lows -- the more severe the low the more 
tabs he used.  For anything below 50, he would also add protein and startch 
AFTER his b/s was back to 80 or higher.  Last month he began wearing dental 
braces so the hard tabs are a problem.  I've tried crushing them and putting 
them in mini sandwhich baggies.  However, I am afraid this could be mistaken 
for some sort of "drug" usage.  Now I usually have him carry some of the 
individual packets of regular sugar OR one of the glucose gels.  The small 
glucose gel tube has 24 carbs though and that is too much for a mild low PLUS 
it costs about $3 per tube! 
Anyone have a better suggestion?
Susan - Grandmom to 11 year old Cory
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