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[IP] Just for fun..want to wager how long insurance takes?

For those who recall, I've been nursing a terminal pump a long 
time.....wanted to check the various pump options before "locking into" my 
next pump.  I've had 8 years with my MM 506, who now requires duct tape to 
secure the clip, has a "partially" readable LED, has a cracked case and 
exposed metal, and who has just started to have "zeroing out" seizures in the 
last three months.  Yesterday my endo documented all of this and is filing 
the paperwork for a new one.  (I happen to be trying out a loaner for the 
moment, but it will likely go back next week.)

Just for fun, I'll take "virtual bets" on how long it'll take the insurance 
company to get a new pump in my hands.  (Just to clarify....NO MONEY!)  Send 
the date and time.  Closest guess will be announced by a future posting to 
the list.  No, I won't give the insurer name, but it is an HMO.

Enjoy life.....this is NOT a dress rehersal.     Linda
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