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[IP] Retinopathy

I have had retinopathy for a little over 2 years now and have had 2 sets of 
laser treatments to take care of it.  When mine first came about I was seeing 
the eye specialist every 3 months.  You may want to check or even get a 
second opinion because if left untreated it can progress very fast and I even 
lost some of my eyesight (it has now come back but when the blood vessels 
break it's as if someone pulled the shades down over your eyes and everything 
has black spots or is blurry)  I would be rechecked in 6 months.  Just 
speaking from personal experience but you don't want to mess with your 
eyesight.  My retinopathy has now stabilized and my vision is once again 
clear and I am able to wear my contacts again.  Good Luck.

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