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[IP] Re: retinopathy

> I then went to a very good specialist in New
Orleans and he did laser on
> both eyes.  I see him regularly and everything is
ok.  Laser takes a few seconds and it
> does'nt hurt.  After the laser treatment I did
find that I am very sensitive to light so > driving
> at night is a little tough, It makes me think that
everybody has their bright lights on.

This is one that is definitly a YMMV.  The pain and
speed of the treatment depend on how advanced it is
and the location.  Different parts of the retina
will have different degree's of sensitivity.  I had
7 lasers with a minimum of 1,000 burns each time.
They did not take a couple seconds and 2 or 3 of the
times I became nauseaus and had a great deal of
pain.  I saw a few other people getting laser for
retinitus pigmentosa (I think), with zero
discomfort, and was told that it was because of the
location on the retina. Retinopathy is more likely
to have some pain, although easily bearable.

I now only need to see my eye doc once a year and am
constantly told by other docs that the work on me is
terrific and saved my sight.  The important thing to
watch is changes (pictures do help).  I would endure
10 times the discomfort, every day, to be in the
same seeing shape I am now.  I think that the
earlier it is caught, the less treatment is

Geneece, check your opthalmologist's credentials.
If they are good, do what is recommended.  If this
isn't his/her specialty (laser surgery and diabetic
retinopathy), find another.
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