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Re: [IP] InCharge blood glucose meter

Genese wrote:

I received this in the mail today...it was a free meter.  I okayed it being
sent to me because besides testing your blood sugars it also does glucoprotein
testing.  The glucoprotein is basically a fructosamine that measures your
control over the last 1-2 weeks.  It supposedly can help you with lowering
your A1c's.  Has anyone used this meter?Are their glucoprotein results pretty
accurate when you have compared them with your A1c's that we get every 3-4
I have been using this for about a year for the glucoprotein tests. What I
have noticed is that the sample size needed is large and if you "milk" your
finger hard to get the drop needed, you could actually cause a small bit of

Hemolysis is the breakdown of the red blood cell and can give false
lows...Other times, for the regular glucose tests, this can give a false high.
I got papers about this from the LXN corporation...If you call and ask they
should have no problem sending you the same.

Take the meter with you the day you go for a lab and have the tech drop some
blood on the glucoprotein test strip, (be ready for the test as s/he's drawing
your labs...) and this should give you a better idea about how accurate it

I do find that the GPro. tests read lower than the HbA1c, but you can 'pad'
the figure a bit to accommodate this if you want to give it a fair try.

Jenny Sutherland
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