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Re: [IP] retinopathy

Things our children say to us at times do hurt and I know it is hard not to 
take it to heart. I, myself, go through this with my 13 year old daughter. 
Sometimes it can bring tears to my eyes and makes me depressed, but I look 
past all of that and look at her as though I were in her shoes, realizing 
that life at this age is hard. Case in hand....We spent the last week in the 
hospital with Natalee in DKA and very sick. I had to sit back and listen 
while she cried, held her hand while she vomited and asked me so many times 
to make this stop. I can't do that, this is a very vicious disease at times. 
Being a child and going through either this disease or puberty has its 
challenges and we all have to just love them anyway we can and hope for the 
best. Sometimes I find myself sitting in the dark and crying, wondering where 
Natalee's life will take her and wondering how long I will have her. I am 
very afraid for my daughter right now as are her doctors. If I could trade 
her places I would in a heartbeat. I would love to take all her pain, 
heartbreak, confusion and such off her shoulders, but I cannot do that and 
that breaks my heart. Think of the happy times when you are down, find a 
happy thought of your daughter that makes you laugh and you will be able to 
over come this time in your life. I do this everyday and somehow it has 
helped me get through all the hard times.
You love your daughter and if she does not see that now, she will someday 
realize that you do.
My thoughts are with you.
Mom to a purple haired 13 years old diabetic...STILL!!!! waiting for her  pump
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