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[IP] Re: What do you do with a low?

>> Linda Bork wrote:
>> Why do you switch to juice when they are below
>> Glucose tablets reach the bloodstream faster than

>> anything else.

> THINK. The chewing and swallowing in anybody with
a low may be compromised.
> Juice is easier as a drink than having to use
"Chisel Teeth" to grind one of
> those tablets down.

> Jenny Sutherland

What the bg level is should not be the prime
considerationof how to administer help.  It is
possible for a hypo of 60 to cause problems with
chewing and swallowing.  It is also possible for a
low of 40 to not cause those same problems, YMMV.
Don't forget that no meter is absolute.  A 50 could
easily be 60+, and vice versa.

If the person can swallow, give them glucose tabs,
if not use juice, or a shot or any way possible.  If
they are 50 don't spend a half hour trying to thaw
out a juice, get them, or yourself, something
quickly.  A glucose tab dissolving in the mouth is
better than nothing.
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