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[IP] Started Pumping Today

I am finally on the pump and so far I really like it.   Went this morning and 
went thru all of the important points with the Nurse and she got me hooked up 
and I just gave my first bolus.  It's actually kind of exciting, I programmed 
in the amount I wanted to give and listened to it click the insulin in.  Then 
BEEP and it's done, I didn't realize how fast it really was.  I am a little 
leary also though because it is my first time on Humalog so it will take me a 
few days to learn how quickly I react to it.  

This website has really given me the support I need to do this.  It is a big 
change in my life and I just want to thank everyone for the support and 
advice that you have given.  It has been a great help in the transition.

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