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Re: [IP] retinopathy

>Thanks for any feedback you can give me on the eye Dr. thing.
>dx'd 87
>pump 7/00

Something like 60% of all type I's develop early background retinopathy as
early as a year after becoming diabetic.  The effects usually aren't
visually observable by the eye docs for some years.  Sounds as if you have
noithing to worry about at the moment.  If it were me, I'd go back in a
year and if not comfortable wiht the diag at that time get a 2nd opinion
and certainly a dye test with photos for future comparative purposes. (It
is only vis photos that a good grasp can be had on advancement of

This disease is linked more ot gentics than to bg control.  Deteriorization
can be slowed or even reversed in some cases with tight bg and LOW-normal
BP control.  ACE's can help as well.

As a coincidence I had my exam yesterday and since starting pump therapy
four months ago there has been a small reversal of general retina
deteriorization.  (Been getting lazer for this since 1992).  The one area
in one eye that was susposed to have caused blindness two years ago is
stable and so far so good.  To do this, I lowered the BP to low-normal and
continued with ACE's.  These drugs enabled the retinopatyy to slow to a
crawl but not reverse.  The tighter bg control thanks to the pump has
apparently caused a slight reversal as well.


With an attentive Opthamologist, 1 year to 3 month exams and photos, some
lazer down the road and tight BP and BG controls; you prbably will ahve
sight for many, many decades!

Darrin Parker - Nova Scotia, Canada!
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