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[IP] Converting HbA1c's to average BGs

From: "Patrick G. Jobe" <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] Converting HbA1c's to average BGs

>This only converts hbA1c TO your average bg levels. There is no way
>to do the opposite. You would have to have, literally, a continuous
>record -- minute by minute -- to get enough data to build and
>equivalent function that would get you close to the hbA1c value.
>email @ redacted
absolutely correct including reasoning which follows the cut line. in women,
the A1c is more heavily weighted by the menses because of the need for
relacement of blood loss. If you had a bunch of cgms readings for say 40 days
you might be able to build a function which approximattes for you your HgbA1c.
very difficult to find the curve to fit for each diabetic guy or gal out there
in HgbA1c Limbo land. spot who is happy enough to see what it is these days
now that it is out of the stratospheric days prior to pumping.
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