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[IP] retinopathy

In February of this year I was told by an opthalmologist that I had moderate background retinopathy but it did not require treatment at this time. He didn't talk to me or anything really, just did his exam made that diagnosis, and then left the room.  This has been bothering me ever since.  He told me to come back in one year.  Do you think that is a good idea.  I thought I had read somewhere that after you had been diagnosed with retinopathy you should see you Dr every six months.  Has anyone on this list heard that?  Geez, I'm spilling very little microalbumin in my urine and that is getting checked every 3 mos right now.  I just don't know if this eye Dr just isn't very good or if he is right.
Also today is my birthday (35 feeling about 105 today).  As usual I will spend it with my extended family.  There will be birthday cake there and of course I will be expected not to eat any and I will get the general boatload of cr#* if I take myself a piece. My family doesn't understand that as long as I bolus for it it is okay.  Right?  Gosh, this whole birthday thing has made me feel very irritable today - God knows what I'll be like when dinnertime actually gets here tonight.  Is it just my family or does every event during the year have to include some sort of celebratory eating?  Oh yeah, my 8 year old daughter let me know this morning that she has actually hated me since the day she was born.  If I didn't know better I'd say she was getting ready to have her time of the month....she has been sooooooo crazy the last several weeks.  All I did was wake her up this morning.
Well, I'm starting to ramble....enough of that.
Thanks for any feedback you can give me on the eye Dr. thing.

dx'd 87
pump 7/00

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