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[IP] dirty water and showers with sils

- --- Clayton <email @ redacted> wrote:
> I must be doing something wrong.  How do the rest of
> you sil users keep
> your shower water from getting into the little clear
> window part of the
> set --- you know, where the cannula goes into your
> skin?  I don't worry
> that the white part of the tape takes on some
> moisture, but I don't like
> having that little clear window with our municipal
> water in it ---  we
> don't trust the stuff enough to drink it, either!!!
> The little plastic
> gizmo protects the tubing attachment side well
> enough, but I feel the
> insertion point should be kept clean and dry, as
> well.  Any pointers?
> Diana
> still shivering in Niagara Falls, NY
> happily pumping since 1/2/2001
 you can cover that area with tape or dab it with alcohol or dry it with a low
settting from your hair dryer. I think that is a lousy design, that area used
to be sealed off. If you change your set every three days it doesn't matter. I
agree it is a nidus for infection. maybe if you have enough chemicals in your
water thanks to Hooker chemical nothing will grow in it. spot
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