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Re: [IP] New Minimed Quick Sets

Brian... I just started my pump. I was on the sils, but when I got my pump 
they sent me the quicksets. They have their upside and their downs. For 
example, the quicksets, I have found, stay attached to me better than the 
sils. The sticky stuff on the sils starts to kink up on the 2nd day of 
wearing them. However, no problem with that and the quicksets. I like much 
better the quicksets insertion. I love the little "gun" thing that comes 
with the quicksets, it makes insertion much easier. I also find that the 
quicksets are a little bit more comfortable to wear, because it doesn't go 
in at an angle like the sils. However, yesterday, I brok my quickset right 
at the insertion site. I accidentally pulled the tubing and the part that 
clicks onto the insertion site, popped off! I was debating changing the 
tubing, but I was able to (it seemed) just put the connector thing back on 
and it stayed there. However, in my class I went to check on it and it had 
fallen off. After my class I checked my BG's and I was over 350. I called 
minimed and they said to change the tubing. I think the sils are more 
durable than the quicksets, based on my experience yesterday... I never had 
any probs with the sils breaking off at the insertion site and I did a lot 
of accidental tugging on the tubing.
well, I hope this helps.

>From: "Brian" <email @ redacted>
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>Subject: [IP] New Minimed Quick Sets
>Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 22:05:35 -0500
>Anyone tried these yet?  I currently use the Silouettes.  I asked for a
>sample and got ONE without the INSERTER so I am not sure if I can do it
>Anyone like them better than Silos or Soft-sets?  I am thinking about
>ordering them as my next three month supply....Please e-mail me with any
>info....THANKS!  :)
>Brian            email @ redacted
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