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Re: [IP] MM 508 alarm A-37 Anyone else ever gotten this???

    I have also gotten this alarm before, actually it was my first alarm 
ever and I had only been on the pump a couple of times.  I searched in the 
manual frantically and found that I was suppose to clear alarm and if it 
went off again to call MM.  Well, I cleared and it went off a few minutes 
later.  When I called MM, the rep told me that my time I had set and the 
computer chip time was more than a minute apart...just a system check the 
pump does autimatically.  I, too had to take the batteries out and reinsert, 
  also resetting my basals.  But, nonetheless, it was no "big deal" alarm.  
It has never happened again, but I am also thankful that my MM does these 
tests for even something as simple as the time.

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