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[IP] MM 508 alarm A-37 Anyone else ever gotten this???

OK, I'm setting up my bolus for dinner and my husband is talking to me, and I
can't see the display real well (it was fairly dark) and all of a sudden I
hear an alarm.  I thought I hit the stop, so I canceled it out.  Then I get
this recurring alarm A-37.  I called MM and they told me that it was doing
some sort of test while I was bolusing at the same time and it caused the
alarm.  But, I wasn't actually bolusing (delivering insulin), I was just
counting out my dose.  We had to reset the clock by taking out batteries and
reinserting them.  They made a report of it and told me to call back if it
happens again.  We did the self test and it came back ok.
But, Now I am sort of freaked out.  I've only been on the pump for four
months.  I just want to make sure I don't have a defective pump.  I wanted to
see if this has happened to anyone else??
Thanks, Marcy
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