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Re: [IP] Converting HbA1c's to average BGs

> I'm catching up on old digests:
> > Conversion from hbA1c to average bg's can be
> > accomplished with a
> > straightforward formula
> >
> > US units, avg bg = hbA1c*33.3 -86
> > EU units, avg bg = hbA1c*1.82-4.72
> BUT, wouldn't this be *only* for the recorded BGs? We saw a chart of
> about 6

This only converts hbA1c TO your average bg levels. There is no way 
to do the opposite. You would have to have, literally, a continuous 
record -- minute by minute -- to get enough data to build and 
equivalent function that would get you close to the hbA1c value.
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