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[IP] Normal or just paranoid?

Hi everyone,

I just started pumping saline yesterday afternoon at
my pump trainer's office using sof-set ultimates.
Later in the evening the infusion site started to feel
uncomfortable and a bit sore. So I changed the site
-it took me forever because I was nervous - but it
seemed to go okay. The new site is comfortable most of
the time but sometimes I can still feel it.

Is this normal to feel your set or should you be
completely unaware that it is there?? I am not sure
whether I am just super sensitive because this is all
new to me. Also I am not as thin as I would like to be
but I am wondering whether I would do better with the
6mm micros instead of the ultimate.

I would appreciate any advice / comments that you guys
- the experts- can give me.

Thank you,


Showing off her new pump and belly to anyone 
who she can find!

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