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Re: [IP] getting out of paying for stuff in Michagan html for emphasis in message

RoseLea wrote:

Linda V wrote about Subject: [IP] Michigan Health Plans Question
Diabetes-Coverage ...:

>>"Our plans basically do everything that the legislation requires," Farnum
said. For example, the legislation calls for diabetes education--something
the Association has been doing for about three years, he said.<<

So why did I have to pay $600 last year for pump and nutrition education
provided by my endo's office since BC/BS said there was no way they were
paying for any diabetes education?  Seems like this Farnum guy doesn't have
a clue what he's talking about, is there an address I can contract him to
set him straight? Hmmmph.....
I will be contacting my state representative about this lie...

I couldn't agree more!  I also have BCBS of MI and they flat out REFUSE to pay
for any education (including the ed I got when first diagnosed 6 years ago).
When I got my pump I asked the lady, "Let me get this straight, you will pay
80% of this $5000 piece of medical equipment, but won't pay so I can learn to
use it properly?"  The lady said, "Yes, we don't pay for education of any
kind."  What a bunch of equestrian feces!    If you get the address of this
guy RoseLea, send it to me too!

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