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Re: [IP] Where to put pup while sleeping

I use a Clip-N-Go clipped to a Waist-It.

The Waist-It alone doesn't work for me.  Because it doesn't rotate 
around me easily enough--even if I close it very loosely.  I always 
end up with the pump underneath me.  I roll around a lot in my 
sleep.   And waking up to wrestle it around to a better position 
disrupts my already-BAD sleep.

By clipping the the Clip-N-Go to it, that puts the pump several 
inches away from my body, enough that it'll end up beside me, or 
be *easily* pushed out from under me.  I don't have to wake up 
completely to wrestle it out of my way.  

The Waist-It itself is actually a very simple device.  A long piece of 
elastic with a pouch sewn into it and a nice long piece of velcro to 
close it with.  When this Waist-It wears out, I won't buy another, 
cuz i don't need that pouch.  I'll just buy a strip of 1" wide elastic 
and sew velcro to the ends of it.
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