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[IP] h-tron proactive role

Fellow pumpers,

I sent an email out earlier to let you know my frustration with my new
H-tron over the lack of "being able to use it in the water" now.  I am have
only had it 30 days and notifified both my territory manager and the
insurance verification specialist at Disetronics that I wanted to use my "30
day return policy" and give this one back so that I could get the D-tron.  I
am unfortunately getting the major run around and I think of myself as a
fairly proactive person, but still getting no results.  I have been dealing
with this for two weeks now.

I have two questions:

1)  Has anyone every "turned" a new pump back into either MM or D within 30
days?  If so did you get the run around I am getting?

and 2)  I am now going to write a letter to the company president and also
contact Cigna my insurance carrier and let them know my situation.   Can
anyone think of any other organization or other ways of getting the result I

Yes, I am switching because of the waterproof issue but that point aside, I
was told I had a 30 day money back guarantee and I want to exercise that.  I
feel that is only fair.

Appreciating your responses

Teri Chalker
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