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Re: [IP] Questions for Animas Pumpers

--- email @ redacted wrote:
> I was talking to a CDE today who does pump starts
> about our choice of the 
> Animas pump (now that the H-tron is no longer
> considered waterproof -- an 
> important feature to us

I've had my Animas pump for 6 months and have had
great support.  They are a new company but know that
customer support and feedback are important.  I called
about seven weeks after getting my new pump and told
them it was a little too sensitive to alarms for me. 
They put in new software and updated a new pump and
overnighted it to me at no charge.  They also sent a
prepaid envelope for the old pump and told me to take
my time returning it.  The nurse who trained me is
always available for questions that come up even 6
months later, like infusion set questions.

They just sent me another new pump yesterday since
they have upgraded the pumps one more time.  The old
pump was in my opinion the best on the market
already(I looked at Diesetronic, Minimed and Animas 6
months ago) but the new pump is even better

Basals from .05 units/hr to 9.9/units/hr

boluses up to 24.5 units in one step-great for people
with insulin resistance

bolus reviews w/date up to 255

alarm history up to 255

These new features plus the old one of it being
waterproof, easy drop in cartridges, push the button
and it primes in seconds, all the infusion sets are
interchangeable with these pumps so you choose, and
the batteries are available inexpensively (I
accidentally left them out of my emergency pump kit,
and was gone for the day, my batteries started going
and I could drop into any store and get them.  Some
pumps you have to special order batteries so I guess I
would have been out of luck except for this feature.
When we were at Disney World I was dunked, drenched,
and splashed till nothing was dry on me including my
pump.  People that say waterproof doesn't count have
not fallen out of canoes or been to Disney World.

E-mail me if you have any questions, I guess you can
tell I love my pump and Animas.

Lynn Wagner   

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