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[IP] Re: MM touching skin & static electricity


I wear my MM 508 in my bra so.. right next to my skin and that is where it 
zapped out.  I don't know what to tell you other than I know it can happen 
even when it is touching your skin.  My children have static wars, LOL, and 
it is skin to skin contact that makes them holler! LOL  What fun with have 
with the powers of nature! :)  Let us know if you figure something out.  
Here in WY in the winter it is REALLY dry so static is something to be 
handled carefully with the pump.  MM did send me a new leather case to put 
the pump in but like I said I wear it in my bra and that just doesn't work 
as comfortably as just the pump.  I guess I just can't get into the shocking 
wars with my kids! :)  Bummer, they are sooo much fun. :)

Blessings from Wyoming,


"Apparently, if the 508 is touching your skin, the problem doesn't exist. At 
least that is what the MM rep said."

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