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Re: [IP] What do you do with a low?

>At 01:28 PM 3/28/2001 wombn wrote:
> >On 28 Mar 2001, at 9:55, Patrick G. Jobe wrote:
> >> 2.  Panic. Eat everything in the house. Feel better immediately.
>Battle the
> >> resulting high for the next 6-10 hours. Feel guilty and swear this is the
> >> last time I follow scenario 2.
> >
> >HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!  That's usually what I *end up* doing,
> >good intentions get thrown aside!  :-DDDDD
>I once heard some one describe #2 above as: "pulling a chair up to the
>Fridge, opening the door and eating everything inside while singing 'Happy
>days are here again' to himself." One of the symptoms of a low is an
>overwhelming sense of hunger. So, it's really hard to be good when you're
>feeling that way. That plus the "panic" syndrome make it tough to be
>disciplined during that time.

PLus:  The glucose-starved brain is not thinking rationally.  Even with a
minor low; there are dramatic effects on cognitive ability and emotional

Almost sounds like a losing battle in sum:

-loss of cognitive and emotional stability
-overwhelming hunger
-body in flight or fight mode for self-preservation during immediate danger
-the reptile part of the brain saying:  "Eat everything you can as fast as
you can or else.."
-fear of going lower yet, self doubt as to why the low is occurring,
frustration of losing time to this event, anger at having to chaneg out of
sweat-soaked clothes.

A lot to happen in the space in of a few minutes!

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