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[IP] My meeting with the new endo

I met with the new endo yesterday at 2:30, and I'm glad to say it went pretty well. He
seems like a very nice guy, and I thought he was very thorough too.  He checked my  heart
rate, my thyroid, my feet, my ankle pulses, my blood pressure, looked at my levels,
checked my eyes, my ears, everything.  The old endo only ever checked my bp and looked at
my log book. The new endo also ordered some blood tests to see about my thyroid. I
mentioned several past attempts to lose weight before the pregnancy that just didn't work
well, and he said by my chart my last check a year ago was "on the high end of normal" for
underactive thyroid. Which makes sense to me because I have always had trouble losing
weight even when I worked really hard at both exercise and diet and my mother recently
started taking thyroid medicine.
He also talked to me about my concerns about managing my levels when I go the the hospital
to have babyzilla. He is going to write my orders so that I am the one in charge of my
diabetes and says I can just have him called if I have any problems.  Usually the hospital
just calls him about any pumper they have anyway. (the rest of the doctors in town are
afraid of us.)
So I'm happy with the new doc.
My non-stress tests are going great too.  The baby's heartrate has been fine both times.
I'm starting my twice per week nonstress tests next week at 32 weeks. I hate to have to
leave work so often though.  Makes me feel like a real slacker and I hate to record any
sick time at all that could come off my maternity leave. But I'm just glad the baby is
Well enough about me then!

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green
Who uses the digest format because she does like the chatter.
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