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Re: [IP] keeping water out of sil

Clayton wrote:
> I must be doing something wrong.  How do the rest of you sil users keep
> your shower water from getting into the little clear window part of the
> set --- you know, where the cannula goes into your skin?  I don't worry
> that the white part of the tape takes on some moisture, but I don't like
> having that little clear window with our municipal water in it ---  we
> don't trust the stuff enough to drink it, either!!!  The little plastic
> gizmo protects the tubing attachment side well enough, but I feel the
> insertion point should be kept clean and dry, as well.  Any pointers?

You aren't doing anything wrong. There is a little open hole in the
plastic window where the cannula comes out of the button and enters your

I found that I was consistently getting infections there, and so I hit
on the idea of covering the half of the button that doesn't detach, the
hole, and the paper part with Tegaderm. Personally, I trim off the
excess Tegaderm along the edge of the paper before I insert the set
because I'm allergic to Tegaderm and can't let it touch my skin, but if
you're not allergic, you could also put on the Tegaderm (or covering of
your choice) after you insert the set, and not bother trimming the

For me, this has solved the infection problem COMPLETELY -- sometimes I
do see a little moisture under there, but it's sweat, not outside water.
If the sweat bothers you, you could use an anti-perspirant first.

Anyway, that's MY view on it!


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