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[IP] Re: Questions for Animas Pumpers

We have used Animas for one month now and so far:
1. yes, you can bolus in .1 increments.
2.  we don't use the audio bolus for Sarah--she's too young to need it!--But
I can't imagine the increments would be any different!
3. It has memory for several alarms, I don't know how many, since we've only
had one in a month.
4.  Tell the CDE that the service reps are excellent when you call and
always know what you're talking about.
5.  If they trained US on it, surely the CDE can get trained!
We have no complaints whatsoever about the pump. (Now pumping itself, that's
another issue!)
Penny, Bob, Robby and Sarah (2.5, pumping since 2/20)

> From: email @ redacted
> Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 20:41:12 EST
> To: email @ redacted, email @ redacted
> Subject: Questions for Animas Pumpers
> I was talking to a CDE today who does pump starts about our choice of the
> Animas pump (now that the H-tron is no longer considered waterproof -- an
> important feature to us).  She expressed several concerns about the Animas
> pumps (after admitting that she didn't have much/any experience with them) --
> as far as I can tell, her concerns are based on outdated or incomplete
> information, but I wanted to confirm that fact with some actual pumpers . . .
> She said:
> 1) The Animas pump only does boluses in .5 unit increments (not in .1 unit
> increments that you can do with MM & Dis)
>>>>> The literature I have says .1 unit increments for regular &
> extended boluses .5 unit increments for audio boluses that are .5 to 9.5
> units total and .1 unit increments for audio boluses of .1 to 1.9 units . . .
> *** (BTW, what makes an audio bolus different from a regular one -- Doea it
> just have different limitations as a battery saving thing or what?) ***
> 2)  The Animas pump had very limited memory for alarms and boluses (like less
> than 10-12 -- which could make trouble shooting mysterious BG levels
> difficult -- especially with a child pumper)
>>>>> Just today someone posted that they'd just gotten a new Animas
> that had memory for (i think) the past 255 alarms and 255 boluses  (so I
> assume the CDE just hadn't heard about the newest update to the Animas pump)
> 3)  They had concerns about technical support -- since (1) the local rep was
> brand new, (2) It's a smaller, newer company, and (3) they (the CDE/clinic)
> had no experience with them
>>>>> I thought these were reasonable concerns since they have no past
> experience with this company -- What types of experience with customer
> service/technical support have you Animas pumpers had?  When you have had
> problems or questions -- who do you talk to and were they knowledgeable &
> reponsive?
> Thanks a bunch -- we're coming down to the wire to file for approval from the
> insurance company, so quick responses would *really* be appreciated!
> Lyndy
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