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[IP] Glucowatch & possibilities-long

HI All
Have been thinking a lot about the glucowatch. I have been a pumper for 5
years now.( My endo calls me special - big deal.- to bad I don't feel the
same way about him!)  We have been unable to get a good handle on what
happens with my bs levels.  He considers me brittle, insulin sensative and I
have a hard time knowing my lows from my highs. Even though I do not yet
completely understand the mechanics of the glucowatch, it gives me hope that
perhaps this would make me feel normal again.  I am excited about the
possibility of not having my wild bs swings for what ever reason (stress,
illness, medications,and whatever) and then there's the lows due to
activity. I uses to be able and want to go from morning to night, now I can
barely do mornings :o)-but I have learned enough to take what I can get and
be happy with it . Being armed with the glucowatch and the pump would really
make me feel like I was giving this disease a good fight (where now I feel
like I'm just delaying complications)   For the first time I've had thoughts
that perhaps I could go back to work.  I sure loved working .  I would love
for my strength, muscles and brain patterns to improve :o). (downfall is I'd
have to take the trash out again to our 300 ft plus driveway-LOL ) We will
see - but it is the first time since being diagnosed with diabetes that I've
been excited about the possibility of staying healthy.

Enjoy the day you have been given.  Carol T.
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