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Subject: [IP] New Minimed Quick Sets

My son is the pumper in this house - it will be one month on Sunday.  He is 11
years old.  Brian's biggest problem that we had to work through was the fact
that he really did not like inserting the sils.  Brian really didn't like the
little tail thing at disconnect of the sof-sert and his doctor really
recommended the sil because he is active.  So we tried it, and we got great
results as far a great readings, but sight changes were a nightmare.  When I
heard about the new quick-serts that MM had I went through quite a few phone
calls and got Brian an inserter and a box to try.  He LOVED how it inserted
but we could not get his readings good on that set. The tubing pulled out of
the sight one time, just a hassle.  His readings would be real high after a
change (a problem we didn't have with the sils), His basals that worked so
well with the sil just did not work - it did not seem reliable, of course
YMMV.  I think if someone is successfully using the other soft-serts, these
quick serts may work for them, the big difference being the disconnect at the
sight instead of having the "tail."   I think its that whole 90 degree angle
versus and 35 degree angle that makes the difference for my son.  So, I called
MM again, got someone different who suggested not trying to change the entire
problem when only one thing was "wrong."  He suggested trying EMLA cream to
numb his sight before insertion.  What a difference - no pain and the sight
just works for him.  He still does not like looking at the needle and has to
convince himself that it will not hurt during insertion with the EMLA.  We
have to wait an hour after applying the cream to do an insertion, but its
worth it.

Jocelyn, Brian's mom
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