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RE:[IP] Questions for Animas Pumpers

> 1) The Animas pump only does boluses in .5 unit increments (not in .1 unit 
> increments that you can do with MM & Dis) 
>           >>>> The literature I have says .1 unit increments for regular & 
> extended boluses .5 unit increments for audio boluses that are .5 to 9.5 
> units total and .1 unit increments for audio boluses of .1 to 1.9 units . . . 
> *** (BTW, what makes an audio bolus different from a regular one -- Doea it 
> just have different limitations as a battery saving thing or what?) ***
> 2)  The Animas pump had very limited memory for alarms and boluses (like less 
> than 10-12 -- which could make trouble shooting mysterious BG levels 
> difficult -- especially with a child pumper)  
>         >>>> Just today someone posted that they'd just gotten a new Animas 
> that had memory for (i think) the past 255 alarms and 255 boluses  (so I 
> assume the CDE just hadn't heard about the newest update to the Animas pump)
> 3)  They had concerns about technical support -- since (1) the local rep was 
> brand new, (2) It's a smaller, newer company, and (3) they (the CDE/clinic) 
> had no experience with them
>        >>>> I thought these were reasonable concerns since they have no past 
> experience with this company -- What types of experience with customer 
> service/technical support have you Animas pumpers had?  When you have had 
> problems or questions -- who do you talk to and were they knowledgeable & 
> reponsive?
> Lyndy

   I have been using the Animas pump for about seven months now, and 
here is what I can tell you.
Basal Rates are in 0.05 units per hour increments which is really great 
for those who are sensitive to insulin.  The service from Animas is 
first rate; you will not only have the local sales rep helping you, but 
also a statewide and national rep to answer any of your questions.  The 
pump training was one on one, which I thought was great, as I didn't 
have to wait for a month to get trained on the pump.  The new pumps have 
a big memory of boluses and alarms so don't worry about that.  Lastly, 
the service is first rate because the company is a bit smaller, and they 
want this pump to be the best on the market.  I highly recommend it as a 
swimmer and pumper.

Dave Sieperda
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