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[IP] pump supplies in michagan poor blue cross sniff, sniff

I am afraid in the big city of Grand Rap;ids Mui their are not 'alot' of
places that have the supplies.  I have found one that can order form MM, just
have to provide a new letter of necessity and perscription.  Sounds easy heh?
Well, after Mini-med talked me into buying their pump.  Only 50 % paid for by
the way, I just feel left out in the cold on the whole deal.  I am sure it
will all work out in the end.  But raises my BG!
even in suburban NYC i used to get pump supplies from a neighbor if I ran out.
there were no pharmacies that had them.  the hospital didn't stock them
either. Now you have the diabetes cost reduction act which I wrote about
somewhat sarcastically twice today. things should get better or move to
Indiana where they already have that legislation on the books. Spot
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